Connecting Wallet to Mantle Network

Adding Mantle Network configuration and the $MNT token to your wallet

Mantle v2 Tectonic has been released, please move to the new documentation!

Add Using Chainlist

You can automatically add Mantle Network to your wallet with one click using Chainlist by navigating to the following pages:

Simply connect your wallet to the web page, click on the 'Add to Metamask' button that shows up, and approve the action in your wallet.

Add Network Manually

  1. Launch MetaMask and login to your wallet.

  2. The default network setting for the wallet is generally 'Ethereum Mainnet'. Click on the button in the top-left to bring up a dropdown menu. Click on 'Add Network' at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

  1. This will take you the 'Add a network' page where you'll see multiple popular networks. Click on 'Add a network manually' to bring up a form

  1. Fill in the following info and click 'Save' to finish. The network option will appear in the network setting dropdown menu once you're done.

FieldMainnet ConfigTestnet Config

Network name


Mantle Testnet


Chain ID



Currency symbol



Block explorer URL

Add $MNT to your Goerli wallet

  1. Enter the $MNT token contract address 0xc1dC2d65A2243c22344E725677A3E3BEBD26E604 , and as you do that the other two fields will get populated automatically.

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