- Status code: 429 { "error": "API rate limit exceeded" }

The official Mantle RPC employs rate limiting to ensure stability during traffic spikes. If your particular use case involves calling the Mantle API frequently, you might run into issues that arise due to rate limiting. In case this happens, please consider connecting to third-party RPCs instead. You can find the list of available RPC providers here: Node RPC Providers

Smart Contracts

- Contract deploy error: ProviderError: too many arguments, want at most 1

If you run into this issue when deploying your contract, you're probably running a newer version of Hardhat. Try manually specifying the gas limit when deploying your contract, like so:
const MyNFT = await hre.ethers.deployContract("ContractName", {
gasLimit: "0x1000000",
If the issue persists, we recommend initializing your project with an older version of Hardhat (v2.14) by running the following command:

- Contract invocation error: Bytecode does not match, please try again

If you encounter this error, check the following:
  • Whether the compiler version is the same
  • Whether the optimization runs match (if you've enabled optimization)
  • Whether the contract name matches exactly as specified in the source code

Standard Bridge

- Error when withdrawing: no bridge found for token pair

Try switching to a different RPC provider. Available RPCs: Node RPC Providers


- Error: Awaiting internal transactions for reason

You may encounter this error if you there are multiple internal transaction calls in the contract being invoked. This does not necessarily mean the transaction has failed, just that the explorer is yet to receive acknowledgements for all the internal transactions.