Deploying a Rollup Verifier/Replica Node

Deploy a verifier node and sync rollup data as a part of Mantle network

Mantle v2 Tectonic has been released, please move to the new documentation!

In order to build an app on Mantle network, you'll need access to a Mantle node. There are multiple public Node RPC Providers that you can choose from, or you can deploy your own depending on the requirements for your specific use cases.

Running Your Own Node

If you run a node, please keep a close eye on the latest update on our GitHub Release page

Hardware Requirements

Nodes need to store the transaction history of Mantle and run l2geth.

Recommended specs:

  • CPU - min. 4 cores, 8th Gen. or higher

  • RAM - min. 16 GB

  • Storage - min. 100 GB disk space free (HDD works for now, SSD is better)

  • Bandwidth - 10mb/s+ download

Approximate Disk Usage

Usage as of 2022-09-21:

  • Archive node: ~800gb

  • Full node: ~60gb


We recommend that you start the node with the latest snapshot, so that you don't need to wait a long time to sync data.


The recommended method to create a replica is to use Docker and the Docker images we provide. They include all the configuration settings. We use these images for our own systems, and as such they will be more thoroughly tested than any other configuration.

Node Configuration

You can find instructions to build and operate your node on Mantle testnet and mainnet by following the links below:


Network DTL URL

You can change the DTL service URL based on the network your node is going to connect to by updating the ROLLUP_CLIENT_HTTP value in the docker-compose.yml file for the Docker way and the ./mainnet/envs/geth.env for the binary way.

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