Testnet v0.4.3

This network update brings about the following changes:

  • Optimized layer-2 (L2) transaction fee, allowing users to customize transaction fees within a wider range to support Account Abstraction (AA)

  • Optimized rollup submission strategy to achieve lower gas fees in scenarios with higher TPS

  • Optimized gas oracle data update strategy to ensure that the L2 network has a more stable real-time adjustment ability for transaction fees.

  • Added Mantle audit report files

For more details on how the aforementioned features were included in the codebase, follow the links below to navigate to the Mantle GitHub repo. GitHub Links:

Instructions for Node Operators

Please follow the steps below to upgrade your node:

  1. Stop current docker service

  2. Change the image tag in the docker-compose.yml, Replace the current image from mantlenetworkio/l2geth:v0.4.0-1 to mantlenetworkio/l2geth:v0.4.3

  3. Start new docker service

Please note that the following configuration needs to be modified to start a new node: https://github.com/mantlenetworkio/networks/pull/31/files

  1. Check logs to see status

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