Network Faucet

Obtain testnet $MNT to get started

Mantle v2 Tectonic has been released, please move to the new documentation!

Testnet Faucets

$MNT Faucet

Before moving forward please make sure your wallet has sufficient $gETH (Goerli ETH) to be used as gas for minting Goerli $MNT.

Mantle Faucet is a simple faucet for Mantle testnet that drips $MNT. It requires the following steps:

  1. Authenticate with Twitter

  2. Enter your wallet address

You will automatically be sent $MNT to your wallet on testnet.

Make sure you import the $MNT token to your wallet using the contract address 0xc1dC2d65A2243c22344E725677A3E3BEBD26E604

$gETH Faucet

You can get $gETH (Goerli ETH) from any of the following faucets:

Once you have some $gETH, you can use the Mantle bridge to transfer it to Mantle Goerli testnet.

Mint Test $MNT on Etherscan

Make sure your wallet has enough $gETH to perform the mint action before moving forward.

  1. Next, switch your wallet network to Goerli, and import (if you haven't already) the $MNT token using this contract address: 0xc1dC2d65A2243c22344E725677A3E3BEBD26E604

  2. Find and click on the mint() function in the list on the Etherscan page. It's on no.9.

  1. Now you can add a few zeroes at the back for a higher amount. For example, add three zeroes at the back to mint 1000 $MNT, and so on.

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