Testnet v0.4.0

This network update brings about the following changes:

  • Rebranding of the native $BIT token to $MNT

  • Adds fraud proof features

  • Enables delegation for fraud proof and TSS modules

  • Opens up the Mantle DA network for external parties

For more details on how the aforementioned features were included to the codebase, follow the links below to navigate to the Mantle GitHub repo.

Instructions for Node Operators

The testnet update is planned to go online at block height 11,000,000. Node operators need to update their node software before that block height to avoid unexpected node behavior.

You can update your node version to v0.4.0 using Docker. The image tags are as follows:

  • For L2 nodes - l2geth:v0.4.0-1

  • For DTL service - dtl:v0.4.0

You can also find the updated Docker images here:

If your node continues to sync normally after the node version update, you're good to go! Please get in touch with us if you encounter any issues during the process.

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