Mantle Bridge API

A guide on using the Mantle Bridge API to move assets and data between Layer 1 and Layer 2

Mantle v2 Tectonic has been released, please move to the new documentation!

The Mantle SDK implements methods to make contract calls for both:

  • Locking $MNT/ERC20/ERC721 tokens on Layer 1 (L1) and minting equivalent tokens on Layer 2 (L2)

  • Locking $MNT/ERC20/ERC721 tokens on L2 and minting equivalent tokens on L1

Use this link to navigate to our SDK reference docs.

Bridge Contracts

The Mantle Bridge is composed of two main contracts:

SDK Tutorials

You can follow the links below to refer step-by-step guides on how to use the Mantle SDK to bridge assets between Mantle network and Ethereum.


$MNT/$ETH/ERC20/ERC721 token deposits into L2 from the Ethereum mainnet can be triggered using the following SDK methods.

Token TypeSDK Methods






Coming soon!

You must first approve the Mantle Bridge to use the amount of $MNT/$ETH/ERC20/ERC721 tokens that you are moving to L2, or the deposit will fail.

$ETH deposits can alternatively be triggered by sending $ETH directly to the L1StandardBridge. Your account will be funded with the corresponding amount once the transaction is detected and finalized.


$MNT/$ETH/ERC20/ERC721 token withdrawals from L2 to the Ethereum mainnet can be triggered using the following SDK methods.

All withdrawals use $MNT for gas fees.

Token TypeSDK MethodsL2 Token Address











Coming soon!


The Token List

The Mantle Bridge allows a one-to-many mapping between L1 and L2 tokens, meaning that there can be multiple Mantle implementations of an L1 token.

However, there is always a one-to-one mapping between L1 and L2 tokens listed on the Mantle token list. The token list is used as the source of truth for the Mantle Bridge which is the main portal for moving assets between Layer 1 and Layer 2.

Adding a Token to the List

If you want to have your token added to the token list, you'll need to make a pull request against the Mantle token list repository . You'll need the addresses for both the L1 and L2 tokens, as well as a logo for the token.

For reference, take a look at this simple pull request that adds a token to the token list.

Sending Messages

Contracts on Mantle can invoke contract functions on Ethereum, and vice versa. This enables dApps on Mantle and Ethereum to interact with each other.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to enable communication between L1 and L2.

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