Enabling interactions and token transfers between chains

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What is a "Bridge"?

App developers and users commonly need to move data and assets between Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2). We call the process of moving data and assets between the two networks "bridging".

Here is a good explanation of bridging from Ethereum Documentation:

"Bridges work just like the bridges we know in the physical world. Just as a physical bridge connects two physical locations, a blockchain bridge connects two blockchain ecosystems. Bridges facilitate communication between blockchains through the transfer of information and assets.

Let's consider an example:

You're from the USA and are planning a trip to Europe. You have USD, but you need EUR to spend. To exchange your USD for EUR you can use a currency exchange for a small fee."

Why Do We Need a Bridge?

Mantle (L2) is a separate blockchain system from Ethereum (L1). Similar to exchanging USD for EUR, we need a way to move $ETH and other tokens from Ethereum to Mantle so the blockchain system will recognize and accept it in a verifiable and secure way.

In order to move assets into or out of Mantle network you can use the Mantle Bridge.

For deeper explanations on bridging we encourage you to explore the following resources (external links):

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