Oracles enable access to reliable off-chain data and information that might be necessary for for smart contracts to enable specific use cases.

The most common requirement is token prices for different token pairs. There are more complex use cases as well, for example:

  • Dynamic NFTs that have variable properties that can change based on events that happen in the real world

  • Some dApps require access to a reliable source of random numbers

Oracles are essentially API services that smart contracts can use to fetch off-chain data.


API3 is building secure first-party oracles on Mantle. API3 is live with three parts:

  • dAPIs: First-party aggregated data feeds sourced directly from the data providers.

  • Airnode - The first-party serverless Oracle solution to bring any REST API on-chain.

  • QRNG - Quantum Random Number Generator for verifiable quantum RNG on-chain.


SupraOracles provides access to reliable price feeds on multiple chains, and Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Check out their docs to find out more.

SupraOracles now supports the Mantle mainnet, including various trading pairs such as

Pyth Network

Pyth network is an oracle that publishes financial market data to multiple blockchains. They aggregate price data and provide price feeds for different asset types such as US equities, commodities, and other cryptocurrencies. Check out their docs for more info.


RedStone is a data ecosystem that delivers frequently updated, reliable and diverse data for your dApp and smart contracts. Check out their docs for more info.

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