Covalent Data Indexing API

Covalent is a hosted blockchain data solution providing access to historical and current on-chain data for 100+ supported blockchains, including Mantle Network.

Covalent maintains a full archival copy of the chain data, meaning every balance, transaction, log event, and NFT asset data is available from the genesis block. This data is available via:

  1. Unified API - Incorporate blockchain data into your app with a familiar REST API

  2. Increment - Create and embed custom charts with no-code analytics

Unified API

The Covalent API is RESTful and offers the following features:


Response Formats


Real-Time Data Latency

2 blocks

Batch Data Latency

30 minutes

Supported Networks (chainName, chainId)

Mainnet: mantle-mainnet, 5000 Testnet: mantle-testnet, 5001

API Tiers

API Categories

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  • API Key - sign up for free

  • Quickstart - summary of key resources to get you building immediately on blockchain

  • API Reference - try all the endpoints directly from your browser

  • Guides - learn how to build dApps, fetch data and extend your Web3 knowledge


Increment is a novel no-code charting and reporting tool powered by Covalent, revolutionizing how the Web3 space approaches analytics. Many analytics tools let you write SQL to create charts, but Increment is the only one to encode business logic - Reach, Retention, and Revenue - into an SQL compiler that can write valid SQL for you.

Use Cases

Increment can be used for:

For example, the following table (use the link in the caption to navigate to the page) shows the latest number of active wallets, transactions and tokens by day, week, month or year for Mantle:

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