Cross-chain Messaging


LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol that enables cross-chain messaging. Applications built on Mantle Network can use the LayerZero protocol to connect to 35+ supported blockchains seamlessly.

LayerZero Endpoint has been deployed on Mantle Network, and developers building on Mantle can leverage the LayerZero protocol to build cross-chain capabilities. LayerZero’s Endpoint ULNv2 validation library relies on two parties, the Oracle and Relayer, to transfer messages between on-chain endpoints. When LayerZero sends a message from Mantle to chain X, the message is routed through the endpoint on Mantle to the ULNv2 validation library. The ULNv2 library notifies the Oracle and Relayer of the message and its destination chain X. The Oracle forwards the packet hash to the endpoint on chain X, and the Relayer submits the packet to be verified on-chain against the hash and delivers the message.

As a developer, LayerZero Endpoint is the only interface for your User Application (UA). The Endpoint allows UAs to configure the Messaging Library for sending and receiving verified messages and guarantees the message-delivering ordering across all messaging libraries.

  • Send(): the message will be sent through the endpoint first and then redirected to the UA-configured Messaging Library.

  • Receive(): the message will be verified at the Messaging Library first then forwarded to the endpoint and eventually delivered to the UA.


Axelar is a decentralized cross-chain communication network that enables interoperability by connecting different heterogenous chains. It is secured by a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and can enable asset transfer and message passing between chains by allowing contracts to interact with each other using General Message Passing (GMP).

Squid x Axelar

Squid is the cross-chain swap and liquidity routing protocol on Axelar Network. It supports canonically swapping and sending any native token between chains. Swaps are composable with Axelar's generalized message passing, so Squid can enable one-click transactions between any application and any user, using any asset. This can be done using Squid's TS SDK, the Squid web app, or the contracts directly.



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