Calculating Fees

Protocol Fee

Reference: ReturnsAggregator.feesBasisPoints()

  • Applies to ConsensusLayer Rewards.

  • Applies to ExecutionLayer Rewards

  • Does not apply to Topups

  • Note that in general, the Protocol Fee applies to gross rewards and not net of slashing, see below for more details.

ConsensusLayer (CL) Rewards

Reference: ConsensusLayerReceiver

  • Swept every ~8 days if balance is above 32 ETH.

  • If exiting a validator, the reward will be received together with the principal, at which point the amount exceeding 32 ETH is consider the CL Reward.

  • Note that the CL Rewards are calculated per Validator and per event (sweep). For example, if there are ten validators and one is slashed 1 ETH, while other 9 receive 0.05 ETH each, the total CL Rewards will be approximately 0.45 ETH.

  • Rewards destination addresses are enforced by Mantle LSP smartcontracts.

ExecutionLayer (EL) Rewards

Reference: ExecutionLayerReceiver

  • Includes priority fee (tips) and MEV rewards

  • Rewards destination addresses are set by the validator.

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