The Mantle ecosystem and MNT token are currently undergoing a governance approval process to determine key aspects, including the token address, token design, and initial token distribution. This process involves key proposals and discussions such as the BIP-21 Merger Proposal and MIP-22 Token Design Proposal.


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    Token Holder Authority: Token holders determine the strategic direction of Mantle via the Mantle Governance process, including launching new product lines and initiatives, modifications to tokenomics, significant spending items or budget allocations, course-corrective actions, organizational structuring, Committee membership and ruleset, select technical architecture choices, and modification of Mantle Governance parameters. Mantle Governance holds authority over all Mantle products and the Treasury, enabling token holders to actively participate in shaping the future of the ecosystem.
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    DAO Flexibility: It's worth noting that DAOs are highly customizable and adaptable. The content below will be modified based on the current status of approved proposals and inflight initiatives.
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    Mantle Improvement Proposals (MIPs): All changes to Mantle are authorized through Mantle Improvement Proposals, which function similarly to statutes and policies in political or corporate contexts. MIPs serve as the formalized mechanism for proposing and discussing changes within the community.
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    Community Feedback and Voting: MIPs are introduced as forum discussions to gather community feedback and gauge overall sentiment. After incorporating any necessary modifications based on community input, the proposals proceed to official voting on the Governance Module. During the voting phase, $MNT token holders have the opportunity to ratify the proposal and contribute to the decision-making process.
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    Implementation Process: Following the voting process, the approved policies are implemented either through automated code executed on-chain, or by the core contributor team through off-chain methods. Currently, the majority of implementation processes take place off-chain.

Document Categories


These documents contain the authorized parameters, which have been established through MIPs or inherited from the launch state.
Governance- for voting systems and voting parameters.
Tokenomics - for token details, distribution, vesting, and supply.
Delegation - for determination of vote weight and vote weight modification schemes.


These documents are considered are "living documents" as they are continuously maintained by the Mantle core contributor team and advisors. It is important to note that these documents may not have undergone formal ratification by Mantle Governance. Consequently, their contents are subject to the terms outlined in current and future MIPs and other Parameters.
These documents aim to: provide supplementary information to the Mantle community and stakeholders, aid in better comprehension of the organization's ways of working, serve as a platform to gather feedback, and offer hints about future roadmaps.
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